Minnesota Wonders

Visiting the National Eagle Center

One of the most incredible sights that can be seen along the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota is the migration of eagles. When temperatures begin to rise in late winter as the rivers and wetlands begin to open up, the eagles return to Minnesota from their winter homes in the southern United States. Between late February and the end of March, you have a great chance to view these amazing birds in Minnesota. A couple of years ago, my kids […]

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Get Up Close with Minnesota Birds

A couple of weekends ago, I traveled with my family to Nerstrand State Park in southeastern Minnesota to watch the process of bird banding.  A beautiful sunny morning, the licensed bird researchers set up two poles with a 25 foot net attached between them.  The birds flew into the net, which captured them until the bird researchers removed them to be banded.  The great thing about watching bird banding, is being able to see the birds up close.  You get […]

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