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My name is Teresa DeMars and I love the back roads of Minnesota. They lead to so many amazing, wonderful places that can put a smile on your face in a heartbeat and fill your heart with joyful memories. I decided to start this blog to share my experiences of traveling with my family to Minnesota’s offbeat and unique places. Our family consists of my husband Jon, and our two kids, an eleven year old son and an eight year old daughter.
Minnesota Wonders will focus on the following subjects.

  • First I will be highlighting Minnesota’s family friendly outdoor places. One of the things I’ve noticed when traveling around with my family is that some towns have totally amazing kid friendly amenities including playgrounds, pools, bike trails, frisbee golf courses, etc. Wherever I go, I tune into these places because my kids are always in need to get outside and play!
  • Secondly, I’ll be exploring and sharing Minnesota’s historical places. History is another subject that I’ve come to love over the last few years. My son is also going into the sixth grade next year. In Minnesota, sixth graders study Minnesota history. I thought we would experience Minnesota’s historical places so his lessons will be more meaningful when he learns about them in history class.
  • Finally, I love Minnesota’s giant roadside sculptures. My family and I started to visit them several years ago and discovered that Minnesota has many towns that have built these beloved local characters. I got this crazy idea about writing a children’s book about them, so my kids and I road-tripped across Minnesota a couple of years ago and visited a whole bunch of them. You can learn more about the sculptures and the unique towns we visited in my book Minnesota Wonders: A Kid’s Guide to Roadside Sculpture and Cool Minnesota Places. Visit the “Links for Minnesota Wonders” tab above to find tourist information about the sites featured in my book. I’ll be profiling these sculptures and the towns that they call home in a weekly post called the “Wonder of the Week”.

From time to time, I’ll also be blogging about fun getaways for two, spiritual spaces to reflect and relax, and places that are just plain fun to visit. Come along with us and enjoy the ride here at Minnesota Wonders!

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