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Olivia’s Giant Ear of Corn

This week we travel to southwestern Minnesota and visit the town of Olivia. The heart of agriculture country, Olivia pays tribute to one of Minnesota’s most cultivated crops: corn.

Giant Ear of Corn in Olivia.

Giant Ear of Corn in Olivia.

In 1973, Olivia became known as the “Corn Capital of the Midwest.” To promote the idea, they constructed this monument to corn, which measures 25 feet tall and is made out of fiberglass.  Nine different seed research companies in the area employ many local people and create new varieties of corn. The giant cob of corn is located at Memorial Park, just off Highway 212.

Outdoor Fun

Campground in Olivia, Minnesota

Campground in Olivia, Minnesota

Next to the corn monument, you will find a small campground, where you can camp for free! There is no electricity, but there is water and a dump station. Enjoy a large playground in the middle of town at Nester Park. This weekend Olivia celebrates Corn Capital Days, which features a free sweet corn feed and other family activities.

Playground at Nester Park in Olivia, Minnesota

Playground at Nester Park in Olivia, Minnesota


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Upcoming Events

  • Olivia Corn Capital Days– Held in July.  Events include a free sweet corn feed, kid’s triathlon, family fun night, street dance, car show, parade, art and craft show, and much more. Find out more on Facebook.

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Passing through the city of Olivia, Minnesota

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